Career Development

Below are the career development opportunities available at the Fredrickson Lipid Research Conference (FLRC).

Larry Rudel Award

The Larry Rudel Award is new to FLRC this year.  Three graduate students or post docs within 5 years of their terminal degree will have the opportunity to compete for a $500 cash prize.  Presentations will be made at a dedicated session with judges selecting the top presentation.  Abstracts are due August 1 for consideration.

Selected Abstracts

Seven abstracts will be selected for podium presentations throughout the conference.  Abstracts are due August 1 for consideration.

90 Second Poster Pitch

Trainees can register to present their work in one of the 90 Second Poster Pitch Sessions.  These sessions occur before each poster session and allow the trainee to "advertise" their poster in a 90 second, one slide presentation.

Poster Presentations

All abstracts submitted by August 27 are eligible for poster display during the Poster Sessions.  Judges will review each poster presentation on poster quality, presentation quality and ability to answer questions.  Postdocs, graduate students, undergraduates and staff are eligible for cash prizes.


Both the FLRC and UK Cardiovascular Research Day are known for being exceedingly social events where trainees are given ample space to interact with leaders in the field.  Networking games and door prizes are part of the fun of the meeting.

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