Virgil Brown Lectureship
2019  Bob Eckel, MD, University of Colorado
2018  Sam Klein, Washington University, St Louis  "Metabolic heterogeneity of obesity: what’s fat got to do with it?"
2017  Stan Hazen, Cleveland Clinic  "Mechanism-based Inhibition of the Gut Microbial TMAO Pathway for the Treatment of Atherothrombotic Heart Disease"
2016  Ed Fisher, New York University "Macrophages and Smooth Muscle Cells: Chameleons in Atherosclerosis"
2015  Nada Abumrad, Washington University, St. Louis "Dietary Fatty acids and the metabolic syndrome"
2014  Jerry Segrest, University of Alabama, Birmingham  "A Brief History of HDL: Have We Learned Anything Substantial?"
2013  Ira Goldberg, Columbia University  "Diabetic Heart Disease" 
2012  Alan Daugherty, University of Kentucky "The complex roles of the renin angiotensin system in the development of multiple vascular pathologies" 
2011  Bruce Freeman, University of Pittsburgh "Electrophilic Fatty Acid Signaling Mediators – New Hammers in the Redox Toolbox"
2010  Larry Rudel, Wake Forest University "ACAT2 and Cholesteryl Oleate: Underappreciated Villains in Coronary Heart Disease"
2009  Henry Ginsberg, Columbia University "Complex Regulation of VLDL Assembly and Secretion: Implications for Triglyceride Lowering Therapies"
Keynote Address
2006  Gabriel Virella, Medical University of South Carolina "Atherosclerosis and the Immune System"
2004  Alan Tall, Columbia University "Learning your ABCs" 
2002  Dan Rader, University of Pennsylvania "New approaches to targeting HDL metabolism in treating atherosclerosis"    
2001  David Williams, State University of New York "Scavenger Receptor BI: Overview and Recent Developments"
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