Preliminary Schedule

Wednesday, September 8

Guest Check In and Welcome Reception

Lexington Marriott City Center


Thursday, September 9

FLRC Day 1 | Lexington Marriott City Center


Sessions Include:

  • Hepatic, Intestinal, and Peripheral Lipid Metabolism

             Chair: Mahmood Hussain, PhD (New York University)

  • Bioinformatics in Metabolic and CVD Research

             Chair: Jake Lusis, PhD (UCLA)

  • Lipids and Lipoproteins in Inflammation

             Chair: Alison Kohan, PhD (University of Pittsburgh)

  • Keynote Speaker: Mahmood Hussain, PhD (New York University)


Friday, September 10

University of Kentucky Cardiovascular Research Day | Gatton Student Center


Presentations Include:‚Äč

  • Gill Heart and Vascular Institute Outstanding Contributions to Cardiovascular Research Award:  Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD (Northwestern University)

  • Gill Heart and Vascular Institute Early Career Award:  Katherine Gallagher, MD (University of Michigan)

  • Distinguished Alumni Speaker:  Steven Steinhubl, MD (Scripps Research Translational Institute)

  • Professional Development:  Amy Herman, Author of "The Art of Perception"


Saturday, September 11

FLRC Day 2 | Lexington Marriott City Center


Sessions Include:

  • Virgil Brown Lecture:  Ruth McPherson, MD, PhD (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)

  • Genetics of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease

             Chair: Ruth McPherson, MD, PhD (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)


Trainee Opportunities Throughout the Three-Day Event Include: 
  • Up to 10 Opportunities for Podium Presentations including the newly created Larry Rudel Award

  • 90 Second Poster Pitches

  • Judged Poster Sessions

  • Trainee Specific Career Development Sessions

  • Networking Opportunities

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